Nikos Thomas has left and four new players are joining Survivor 2

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The well-known "mercenary" has already traveled to St. Dominic

Nikos Thomas is out. The Fighter player received the fewest positive votes from the TV audience and withdrew from the survival reality show.

Nikolas Agorou and Thodoris Theodoropoulos were saved by the viewers, ensuring their stay in the survival reality show.

"I happened to have some misfortunes and not be able to fight as I could. As Harry meritoriously suggested to me to leave, I believe the same was done by the public. I was not competitive. Beyond that, the fact that I tried to follow the team athletically, certainly that after the injuries, I could not.

I am very happy to be here, it was like a dream come true for me. I enjoyed it as much as I could. I was glad to meet, even from afar, some people I wanted to meet up close and some I will definitely see up close later. And thank you for choosing me to be here, for giving me this experience ", said among others Nikos Thomas.

Sakis Tanimanidis announced to the Survivor players that in the coming days two new people will be added to each team.

"I will tell you one more news, the numbers will change in a few days, since two new players will be added to each team. Two new players for the Celebrities and two new players for the Fighters. We knew from the beginning and we told you that there will be additions of players. We already had the addition of Zoe and Konstantina. This time, two will come to each team ", said Sakis Tanimanidis.

The "mercenary" to return

Suitcases for Saint Dominic and it seems that the "mercenary" made the first survival game. In fact, Costas Anagnostopoulos is on his way to Saint Dominic, as he announced through his social media.

It has not been clarified, however, whether he is going to Saint Dominic to enter the game or to take on another role.

"Ticket ready and we left for Saint Dominic", wrote the player of the first Survivor, posting a photo with his ticket.

A little while earlier he had posted a short video with his suitcase and his swimsuit with watermelons in it.