Damn Survivor 2 with the new teams and whining about Nasos Papargyropoulos

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Damn it happened at Survivor 2 with the change of teams, while today comes a match between Greece and Romania in the game.

The teams were made from scratch. In the extraordinary Council of the Island with "leaders" Katerina Dalaka for the Famous and Elias Gotsis for the Fighters, two new equal numbers of teams were created.

With the choices of the two players, the new Celebrities are: Katerina, Melina, Virginia, Tsilis, Mouroutsos, Haris and Tsepanis

The new Fighters: Elias, Evi, Panos, Nikolas, Nasos, Daria and Rodanthi.

The reactions are mixed since some players took it a little harder like Melina who was crying while others like Nasos were rather positive.

The next day both new teams showed up determined to take the victory that led to the Comfort Prize and a trip by private jet, with food, overnight at a hotel and a hot air balloon ride at sunrise.

The first match with the new teams found the Fighters winners with 10-3 and created concern in both teams, as many considered that some showed a new face.

Melina from the Fighters ended up in the Famous and Evi Saltaferidou did the opposite. Nassos Papargyropoulos and Haris Giakoumatos also changed teams, while Virginia and Konstantinos went to the Famous from the Fighters.

Panos, Nikolas Agorou, Rodanthi and Daria who remained in the Fighters and Mouroutsos, Tsilis who remained in the Famous did not change team.

The movement of its production Survivor 2 to proceed with the restructuring of the teams brought the first swords in the game.

The opposing team was targeted by Haris Giakoumatou, Virginia Dikaioulia, Melina Metaxa and Katerina Dalaka. It is characteristic that the last two threw them at Nasos Papargyropoulos for the fact that he was celebrating.

Both on the part of the Fighters and on the part of the Celebrities, there was talk of excessive celebrations on the part of the opponent, which they were not accustomed to before the team changes.

Daria, for her part, got into a fight with Melina, who στους moved to the Celebrities and described her as vindictive and said that she would not even want to talk to her.

Katerina Dalaka said about Nasos Papargyropoulos: "To be honest, this hurt me. The Fighters in their victories always reacted excessively. I never remember pretending to win the Olympics. Today Nasos was a different person from what I lived in the hut and in the games. It was as if we could not transmit this energy to him. That saddened me most today. "

Melina Metaxa is on the same wavelength: "While Nasos was in the Celebrity team, he was not excited on the bench, sometimes he seemed bored. Today it was like seeing another person, another Nasos on the Fighters' bench. And I don't think it was the best spectacle. " Regarding Rodanthi's statement, Melina said: "At the end of the match, when Rodanthi spoke because she beat Katerina, she said that they are equal as players. The whole of Greece laughs and the universe together with Greece! We do not level them all. In 4 months he has run 10 times one, over 100 the other, he has brought over 100 victories each and 5-6 the other. They have no measure of comparison ".