Achnas Forest: 30 tractors and 3 trucks for the wedding of George and Maria (Video + Pictures)

A very different wedding took place in Dasaki Achnas.

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FamagustaNews / Andri Flourentzou

30 tractors and 3 trucks arrived from every corner of Cyprus for the wedding of George and Maria in Dasaki of Achna.

Watch videos of the arrival of tractors in the church by clicking here

A wedding very different from the others took place on Sunday, June 19, in Dasaki Achnas. The groom, George Panagiotou from Dasaki Achnas, just before going up the church steps to exchange vows of eternal faith and devotion with his beloved Maria Garrett from Troullos, got on the tractor, with which he went to marry her!

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Unlike most couples who choose carriages, luxury cars and limousines, George, a farmer by profession, a cow breeder in particular, chose a tractor, drawing the attention of residents of the village and the wider area in El. Famagusta. Groomsmen, friends, relatives and colleagues from Nicosia, Larnaca and Famagusta accompanied George to the steps of the church.

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In fact, his arrival at the church was particularly impressive, as the tractor that transported him and the rest that accompanied him were decorated with tulles and flowers.

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When the bride arrived at the temple, the village was shaken by the horns of the agricultural vehicles that were heard all over Dasaki Achnas.

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The newlyweds after the end of the wedding mystery, posed next to the beautifully decorated tractor. While then, they left the church by car, taking a walk in the village with the 30 tractors and the 3 trucks, just before being led to the ballroom where they had the party.

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