They threw it at them with buckets and shovels: So much rice has never fallen in a wedding before, the newlyweds were amazed

Incredible guests at a wedding threw rice by the kilo at the newlyweds, giving plenty of laughter to the attendees and also to TikTok.

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Unbelievable wedding guests showered the newlyweds rice with the kilo giving plenty of laughs to the attendees as well as to TikTok.

It is a tradition at weddings that take place in Greece, as soon as the couple leaves the church, to throw some rice at them for good measure.

But recently there was a ceremony that was just "a little" not...

The couple's friends had made sure to gain enough weight in order to bathe the newlyweds, while they enlisted buckets, sacks, even shovels for throwing it.

Watch the video that has gone viral on TikTok

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