AGIA NAPA: Sadness over the death of Takis Kritikos - "Citizens who offered should not be forgotten"

The moving post of Yannis Karousos

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The news of the death of Takis Kritikos spread sadness in Ayia Napa. The Municipality of Ayia Napa honored Takis Kritikos in 2015 for his initiative to create the first kindergarten in Ayia Napa.

In his post, Famagusta Regional Mayor Candidate Yiannis Karousos said goodbye to Takis Kritikos, writing "Takis Kritikos offered to Agia Napa with selflessness, love, modesty and humility. He was one of those who took the initiative to create the first kindergarten in Ayia Napa, in very difficult times. With their own effort and effort, this group ran this issue and created the kindergarten. None of them ever asked for recognition for this, nor did they even mention it in discussions. Once I learned the story we decided we needed to recognize and honor these people. That's why in 2015, in the presence of the Minister of Education, we honored Takis the Cretan and the others who led this effort (Andreatsos, Nikolatsos, Peteino, etc.). Citizens who offered selflessly and with love for their country, we must never forget them. May your memory be forever, Mr. Taki."

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