DERYNEIA: Karagiannis - Spehar discussed the Dead Zone

Spehar UN Representative, Dead Zone

The Municipality of Deryneia issued a press release today regarding the meeting it had with the UN Special Representative Elisabeth Spechar, with whom issues related to the development of the Dead Zone were discussed. 

According to the Press Release:

A meeting was held on Tuesday 14.5.2019 at the offices of the Municipality of Deryneia with the Special Representative of the United Nations Ms. Elisabeth Spechar. The meeting was attended by the Mayor, members of the Municipal Council of Deryneia, the service of the Municipality and the Peacekeeping Force.

The meeting raised issues related to the use of the Dead Zone for agricultural, sports, educational and environmental purposes, as well as ways to promote bi-communal programs.

Ms. Spechar thanked the Municipality of Deryneia for the hospitality and the involvement of civil society in the efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem and noted the very important role that the Municipality of Deryneia demonstrates in building trust between the two communities.