The measures decided by the Government for a dead zone were activated

coverGSpokesman Letimpiotis 3 Spokesman, Dead Zone

The measures decided by the Republic of Cyprus - due to the violation of the dead zone by the Turkish regime - were activated from this morning, said the Government Spokesman Mr. Konstantinos Letympiotis.

In today's statements to journalists at the Presidential Palace, and when asked about the meeting of the President of the Republic with officials of the 6th American fleet, the Spokesperson said: "The head of the 6th American fleet is in our country, so it was considered beneficial to have the meeting with the President of the Republic – and regarding the framework of the cooperation that exists – to thank the Republic of Cyprus for the role it plays in terms of the evacuations of third country nationals, including the USA.

Cyprus, as a pillar of stability in the region, is a reliable partner for both the US and other countries."

To another question, he said that "the cooperation that exists, especially with regard to the evacuation of third-country nationals, is excellent and any facility is provided in the context of the activation of the Hestia project."

Asked if the US has been asked to convey messages to Ankara regarding the incidents in the dead zone, the Spokesperson said: "There have also been messages through our Permanent Mission in New York to Ms. DiCarlo and the United Nations (UN) and we are in contact with all Permanent Members of the Security Council regarding the plans and violation of the no-fly zone by the occupying regime. We reiterate our full respect for the resolutions of the Security Council and call on the peacekeeping force, in accordance with the terms of its mandate arising from the resolutions of the Security Council (SC), to ensure the status of the buffer zone and restore the status quo as before from the facts".

In response to a question about the measures announced by the President of the Republic in relation to the issue of the violation of the neutral zone, the Spokesperson said: "The activation of the measures has begun, there is a plan - we cannot say more - which has been activated from today on morning. Some measures are visible, some not. We expect and are in constant communication with the peacekeeping force. This is the goal, to ensure the status of the dead zone. At the same time, from the very first moment that the events at "Maria's House" took place, there has been an assessment and planning which is currently being carried out."

Asked if UNFICYP is also part of this planning or if they have simply been notified of the measures, the Spokesperson said: "In the context of the cooperation with the peacekeeping force, it has been informed before the measures are implemented that in case the regime is not restored of the dead zone within a certain time window, these measures would be activated."

When asked, he said: “The information we have from the peacekeeping force is that the situation remains unchanged. The peacekeeping force is present in the region and we are in constant communication with it."