His dog left in the Dead Zone, went to catch him and was arrested by Turks

This is a 71-year-old man, whose orchard is near the Dead Zone

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A 71-year-old man was arrested yesterday afternoon by the Turks in the area of ​​Athienou and is being held by the occupying authorities.

According to the Police, around 9 pm on Thursday, July 1, a woman went to the Athenou Police Station and reported that the Turks arrested her husband inside the dead zone in the Athenou area.

Specifically, the man yesterday around five in the afternoon in his orchard bordering the dead zone, accompanied by his dog.

At some point the dog seems to have escaped the attention of the 71-year-old and passed into the dead zone.

The man followed him to bring him back, as a result of which he was captured by the Turks inside the dead zone.

The 71-year-old contacted his wife by phone and reported the incident to her and the woman immediately notified the Police.

The Bi-Community Contact Group and the United Nations are working for the man's release.