4.388 new voters were registered in the lists

34 applications from Europeans for the European elections

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To date, 4.388 new voters have been registered in the electoral rolls, of which 1.386 are Europeans, residing in Cyprus, for the local government elections. Also, there were 34 applications from Europeans for the European elections.

According to the statements of the Head of the Elections Service, Menelaus Vassiliou, the last day for registration in the electoral roll, as well as for submitting declarations for voting at the polling centers abroad, is April 2, 2024.

As he said, the specificity of the June 9 elections lies in the fact that for the first time eight elections will be held at the same time.

Specifically, there will be elections for members of the European Parliament, Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Municipal Councils, Mayors, members of Community Councils, Presidents of Provincial Self-Governing Organizations and members of School Boards.

In the upcoming elections for the nomination of Members of the European Parliament and Local Government Authorities, all citizens of the Republic aged 18 and over who have their habitual residence in Cyprus, as well as citizens of other member states of the European Union who reside in Cyprus and are registered in the relevant electoral rolls.

Regarding the number of voters, there are special lists for Cypriots, Europeans and Turkish Cypriots.

"So far we have 569.086 registered, of which 557.578 concern the permanent electoral roll, that is Cypriots, which also includes 735 Turkish Cypriots. We have the special electoral list of European citizens residing in Cyprus for local government, which numbers 12.945, and the special list of Europeans for the European elections, which numbers 9.224. We have the special list for Turkish Cypriots residing in the occupied territories which currently numbers 82.925," he said.

In relation to the polling stations, it is estimated that around 1.850 will operate. Election centers are expected to operate abroad, in Greece, England and Belgium.

On April 24th will be the submission of nominations for the European elections, on April 25th for municipal councils, Presidents of Provincial Self-Governing Organizations and members of School Boards and on April 29th for community councils.

The approved budget for the expenditure of the elections is €6.650.000.

According to Mr. Vassiliou, the counting of the votes will be done at the local polling stations.

As for the latest results it is too early for any assessment because they will involve the results of eight elections in the same night.

The first results, however, will be announced an hour and a half after the polls close.

Source: KYPE