Kokkinochoria: Half quantities of potatoes will be cultivated compared to last year due to drought

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The potato growers of Kokkinochoria ask the Government to provide them with water immediately in order to save the crops. In his statements to KYPE, the District Secretary of EKA Giannaki Gabriel stated that "the prolonged drought is the main reason for the staggering prices of potatoes and this year half the quantities of potatoes will be cultivated since the conditions are not favorable".

According to the provincial Secretary of EKA, prices are determined by demand and production. "The reduced production due to the drought, in combination with the increased exports of potatoes, resulted in not having enough stocks for domestic consumption, ie the supply is reduced while the demand is increased," said Mr. Gabriel.

The drought, he continued, has affected other crops such as olives, vines, and fruits and vegetables, which, he said, "have suffered enormous damage, because without water their growth stages do not progress, and farmers are trying to save everything. what they can in any way ".

Mr Gabriel added that "increased prices are not expected to fall immediately as producers will not grow potatoes unless the government provides water for potato growing."

Famagusta.News / KYPE