A delegation of the Municipality of Lefkonikos was found in an outpost of E.F. near Mia Milia

imagew 10 Mayor of Lefkonikos, Zina Lysandrou-Panagidis, Occupied, Lefkonikos, National Guard outpost

The Mayor of Lefkonikos, Zina Lyssandrou Panagidi, head of the delegation of the occupied municipality, was recently at a symbolic point, in the National Guard outpost near Mia Milia, on the road to Famagusta, where the road to Nicosia ends. .

An announcement by the Municipality of Lefkonikos states that the members of the delegation "together with Brigadier General Panagiotis Pantelidis, Commander of the 4th Brigade, looked closely at our occupied land, felt it with the Middle Ages spreading throughout our grandeur, the mountain and the mountain from the rain, it was so close that if you stretched out your hand, you'd get it, you say. "

He added that "the Mayor, after wishing the soldiers happy birthday and a hopeful and rewarding 2020, emphasized their love for our occupied land, but also referred to the heroes of her town who left their bones on the slopes of Pentadaktylos."

Brigadier General Pantelidis urged the soldiers to listen together to the Anthem of the Lefkonikos poetic poem by the popular poet, the late Antonis Antoniou, set to music by the composer, Evagoras Karagiorgis, as sung by Exotarini on October 31, Kalifoni Mallino 2019 musician from Lefkon when the 80th anniversary of the Municipality of Lefkonikos was celebrated at the Municipal Theater of Latsia.