OSEA: The work stoppage of the workers has started

imagew 1 4 Famagusta District Transport Organization, OSEA, Work stoppage

The work stoppage of the employees of the Famagusta Provincial Transport Organization (OSEA) has started, on the occasion of the agreement of the Ministry of Transport with another Consortium on the issue of public transport in the province of Famagusta.

In a statement to KYPE, Pavlos Barnava, on behalf of OSEA employees, stated that “this morning, the transportation of students to their schools in the province of Famagusta took place normally and then we pulled the parking brake. With three buses, all the drivers of OSEA, ie about 150 people, go to the Administrative Court in Nicosia, where today an appeal of the Intercity Buses against the new Consortium will be examined ".

He added that "the Administrative Court will consider on Wednesday the appeal of OSEA against the Consortium. However, today, if we see that the developments from the examination of the appeal of the Intercity Buses show that they are positive for us drivers, then we will hold a meeting outside the Court in Nicosia, to decide what is to come. "

Answering a relevant question, Mr. Barnabas said that "we are starting a work stoppage from today to give the message that we are present and that we support the legal disputes that OSEA is making with the Ministry of Transport. Our main request is for the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Labor to secure its rights for the next ten years, while we ask for information on how the company operates and whether what has been made public about its reduction is valid. company fleet ".

Answering another question, Mr. Barnabas said that "drivers feel that 50% of our company belongs to us, since within 24 hours of starting in 2010, we drivers and employers have set up what is called the Provincial Transport Organization. Famagusta. The workers are drivers from all over the province of Famagusta and despite the problems that existed from the first day of operation of the company and the public transport, we managed to solve them, without ever going down to any strike or work stoppage ".