The moving post of Archimandrite Augustine Kkara about Fr. Evlontas: "We always miss you"

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Archimandrite Augustinos Kkaras made a touching post about Fr. Evelthontas Charalambous on his personal profile on Social Media.

Specifically, the Protosyggellos of the Holy Metropolis of Constantia-Famagusta wrote characteristically on Social Media:

“We always miss Fr. Evelthon ων But on Holy Week days we miss you so much… Even more so today with the sadness we go through, the bans, the absence of believers from our churches… We miss your presence… The reason Your consolation σου We miss your blessed form… We miss your beautiful, gentle, all-encompassing voice… The voice that planted in our souls all the meanings of our faith… Good Thursday today… And what I would not give to hear again from your lips tonight: "Today it hangs on a tree"…… 😭😭😭 ”

Snapshot 2020 04 16 21 Archimandrite Augustinos Kkaras, Father Evhelton