P.Augustinos Kkaras: Supporter of the tradition of the vine bird (video)

Screenshot 2017 10 20 13.22.41 Ampelopoulias, Archimandrite Augustinos Kkaras, Hunting, Poaching

Archimandrite Augustinos Kkaras showed his support in the hunters' protest last Wednesday for the vine birds in his own way.

Famous in the province of Famagusta, Protosyggellos of the Holy Diocese of Constantia Famagusta, Augustinos Kkaras said in statements on television channels that the reason he was at the protest the day before yesterday, stating, was to express his support for the people who support .

According to the Archimandrite, who is known for his involvement in agriculture and animal husbandry, hunting vines is a tradition, it is neither a crime nor an illegality, but it is a tradition of centuries.

As Father Augustine characteristically stated, "the first outlaw and the first criminal would be the god because he sent them to the desert for the Israelites to survive."

He went on to say that the real environmentalists should be the ones who support the vine hunting because it is known how many orchards were destroyed and how many trees were uprooted after the ban.