Hunters: They are looking for a bird of prey by legal means

The United Cypriot Hunters Movement - Active Citizens is calling for the hunting of vines by legal means such as firecrackers, shotguns, airguns with a "license by way of derogation"

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The Movement of United Cypriot Hunters - Active Citizens demands the hunting of the vine bird by legal means, such as firecrackers, shotguns, airguns with a "license by way of derogation".

According to the movement in a recent announcement, this is a tradition of hundreds of thousands of years where it was "sacrificed", as the announcement states, without any hesitation from "Our Leaders and Our Politicians", as they call the Government and the Parliament. In fact, the announcement states that it is "a species where the beginning of its prey on our island was a" celebration "and around the world it shows an increasing trend, counting millions of birds based on all the researches that exist for this species."

The announcement states that the Thera Service submitted a relevant proposal to the Council of Ministers in 2014, which rejected it unanimously.

In fact, the announcement goes on to say:

"A tradition of hundreds of thousands of years. A tradition from generation to generation where the incompetence of our politicians and our governments, where with our accession to the European Union sacrificed everything without any hesitation to serve their interests. They could very well maintain some traditions, but they did not even dare to claim them or discuss them. A tradition where around the period September to October, which took place until the grapevine festival, which was flooded with people from all over our country. It is not a populism, but the real truth. If our government and our politicians, together with all the competent Hunting bodies, stand up to the circumstances for even a moment, then this goal of all of us can be achieved. "A goal where we must give all our strength, so that we ordinary citizens can bring back what the" Great Leaders "abolished without a second thought."

The Movement also lists how legal hunting could help:

  1. Will the illegal trade of the black market be automatically hit with the outrageous prices over 80 euros per dozen that often end up in whose dishes?
  2. It will stop the black trade from the occupied territories.
  3. We will restore a tradition of hundreds of thousands of years where we have all been deprived.
  4. Cyprus due to its small size and the minimum of migration routes where it passes, will be able to include another species to be hunted for its entire hunting world.
  5. There is a way. With a "derogation permit" Cyprus can request the legal hunting of the vine based on its tradition, as other countries have done with recommendations from the European Union. (see Malta & Faroe Islands)