Dead hunter in Stavrovouni – Rescue dogs found him unconscious

Tragedy occurred on Wednesday

det kinigi Excursion, Hunt

Tragedy occurred on Wednesday 6/12 as a 75-year-old person died in the Stavrovouni area after a hunting trip.

According to the announcement of the Fire Department, at 16:47 a call was received for the help of the Police to find a missing person, who had gone hunting in the Stavrovouni area. E.M.A.K. responded to locate the person. with a team of rescue dogs.

The missing elderly person was found by the E.M.A.K. K-9 rescue dog team. without being conscious. First aid was provided to him and then assistance was given to the ambulance staff to transport him from the location, to the ambulance and then to the T.A.E.P. of the Larnaca General Hospital where his death was confirmed.