SOTIRA: Simos Tavern presents us... burrito kolocasi!

The new taste discovery from the Old Simos tavern in Sotira - After kolocasi sushi, it presents burritos with kolocasi

photo 13 exclusive, Old Simos, Kolokasi

The tavern Old Simos in Sotira has become in recent years one of the undoubtedly most popular taverns on the island. The owner, Simos Simou and his wife Andri, maintain one of the most famous taverns and thanks to their passion and ingenuity, they manage to serve quality and tasty dishes. Nevertheless, they do not stop there and honor the traditional product of Sotiras, in which the tavern is housed, and every November they present a new dish based on Taro root.

They recently introduced the new dish, burrito with colocasia, which you can order and try, together with other dishes based on the protected product, now with a designation of origin, such as "pulles" fried, kolocasi stick, kolocasso meatballs and others.

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We remind you, in fact, that two years ago the tavern also presented... sushi with kolocasi, which, as the owner of the tavern told us at the time, had become popular, while in 2021, it presented... "enveloped kolocasi".

Find Old Simos Tavern at 44 Grigori Auxentiou Street in Sotira. Reservations on tel. 23730189