Xylofagou: A man was arrested for illegal trapping of vine birds

He was released on bail to appear before the British Bases Court on September 19

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On September 19, a man who was arrested for the illegal trapping of woodpeckers in the area of ​​Pyla in Xylofagos will appear before the Court of British Bases.

According to a statement from the British Bases, the man was "arrested on Sunday, September 4, after he was spotted by the special Community Action Team of the Bases police, collecting woodpeckers that he had trapped in nets located on his privately owned land."

"After searching the area, officers also found a bird imitation device, two iron poles, two metal stands and nine freshly killed vine birds," it said.

The man was bailed after his arrest to appear before the British Magistrates' Court on September 19.

According to the Bases' statement, Dekelia Deputy Police Chief Pertev Karagozlou, who oversees the Community Action Team, said this was an early warning to poachers. "The British Bases Police in Dekelia have developed the Community Action Team for many years in order to deal with any illegal activities related to hunting, especially the trapping of warblers."

He added that "we have worked tirelessly over the years alongside many dedicated partners, including Bird Life Cyprus, the RSPCA and the Committee Against the Slaughter of Birds, and we will not give up our efforts."

It also said that "after his arrest, the man was released on bail but will soon return to Court to answer for his illegal acts, just like anyone else caught committing such illegal activities."