An employee of YPOIK is accused of not working for 21 months

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The Public Service Commission (EDY) is in the process of adjudicating a disciplinary case against an employee of the Ministry of Finance, who is accused of being absent from his office for a long time. According to the General Accounting Office of the Republic, between the years 2012-2014, this employee was unjustifiably absent for a total of 21 months.

The accused employee rejects what is attributed to him and claims that he was normally in his office and working! He also claimed that during the period in question he was justifiably absent from his place of work for only four months, for which he submitted relevant medical documents.

In addition to the ongoing disciplinary proceedings against him, the General Accounting Office demanded from the employee the amount of € 38.500 which corresponds to the salaries he received without working.

In order to repay this amount, the General Accounting Office started from January 2015 to cut part of his salary, leaving him the amount of € 480 per month to cover his needs, which is what the recipients of the EEE receive as an allowance.

The civil servant himself claims that from January 2015 until the summer of 2016 he did not receive any salary, while he has appealed to the Supreme Court in an attempt to annul as illegal and irregular the cuts made in his salary.

It is worth mentioning that the said employee is being tried before the EDY without a lawyer as he is unable to cover the legal expenses with a salary of € 480 per month. According to him, the request he submitted to EDY for legal aid was rejected because, as he was told, he is not entitled based on the salary scale he is in (Class A5).

Source: Liberal