"Barbaros" begins research in the bay of Famagusta

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Turkey is proceeding with "discreet" challenges with a new illegal Directive for Seafarers - NAVTEX - issued today by the Antalya station. Specifically, it "blocked" an area between the Gulf of Famagusta and Apostolos Andreas, for "seismic surveys" by the "Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa" that will be accompanied by the auxiliary ship "M / V Bravo".

According to the illegal announcement, the "seismic surveys" will last from tomorrow until June 30.

The area where "Barbaros" will conduct "semographic surveys" is marked in white on the map.

This is an area that does not include research pieces of the Cyprus EEZ, except for the areas where in the immediate future new seismic surveys will be launched on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus.

Obviously the mission is political in nature and not technical, as in the previous missions of "Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa".

The seismograph was sent hastily from the Black Sea to our area on Easter Sunday and is moored in the port of Sinifki opposite the northern coast of Cyprus.

It is also worth noting that the announcement does not include the second escort ship - under the Norwegian flag - that accompanies the Turkish seismograph, in its activity in the Black Sea in recent years.

It is recalled that the Norwegian seismograph had left the Cypriot EEZ in 2014, when legal pressure was exerted for criminal prosecution due to illegal activity in the Cypriot EEZ.

Source: Liberal