Technology ally of Santa Claus

Children today can communicate via video with Santa Claus, "follow" him at Twitter or enlist in the U.S. Missile Security Service NORAD, to watch his every move over the Internet…

Technology, however, makes it difficult in many ways for parents to convince their children of the existence of Santa Claus.

After all, any school-age child can type the question "Is there a Santa Claus?" on its search site Google.

The biggest threat to the Christmas myth comes from websites like, which reads: "Discover our famous letter to Santa Claus. Parents: Get the biggest surprise for your children! "

On the "neighboring" page, price list informs users about the cost of each letter to the Saint.

The "luxury" letter even reaches $ 19,99.

Not all parents, however, seem to worry that technology will destroy the magic of Christmas myths.

Many parents use modern technology to reinforce this myth, offering their children the opportunity for a one-on-one "conversation" with Santa Claus, thanks to skype.