Executive at DIKO for the last selection of candidates - Who holds a position in Famagusta

CEB1 16 Parliamentary Elections 2016, DIKO, News, Zacharias Koulias
This time, they finally say to DIKO, the last touches are being put on the ballot paper with which they will claim the parliamentary elections in May. A first evaluation of what is going on will take place today at the Party Secretariat and then at the Executive Office, with the aim of formulating the final proposal to the Central Committee, which will have the final say on the candidates. Criticism has been expressed at the highest level of the lack of involvement of the collective bodies in the process of compiling the ballot.

CEB1 1565 Parliamentary Elections 2016, DIKO, News, Zacharias Koulias

The meeting of the Central Committee is scheduled for next week, when it is expected to close one or two pending issues for the ballots of Nicosia and Famagusta. The processes by the leadership are continuous in order to avoid a new extension. The well-known actor Costas Vichas closed in Limassol yesterday as an Aristide candidate.

Limassol: Athos Antoniadis, Angelos Votsis, Panikos Leonidou, Martina Pieri, Marios Sofroniou, Kyriakos Tsoupanis, Charalambidis Neophytos, Grigoris Christodoulidis, Giannis Armeftis, Giannakis Giagoudakis, Savvas Antoniou.

The leadership intends to refer 56 plus candidates to the Central Committee in order to allow for corrective action, if and when deemed appropriate. This is not expected to affect three constituencies: Paphos, Larnaca and Kyrenia, which have already reached full ballots.

Paphos: Antonis Antoniou (MP, architect), Charalambos Pittokopitis (civil servant), Chrysanthos Savvidis (teacher, chairman of the Education Committee of DIKO) and Paola Chatzilampri (teacher) -aristindin.

Larnaca: Giorgos Mavrolefteros (university), Christos Orfanidis (director of an insurance office), Giorgos Prokopiou (MP, brigadier general), Andreas Siamaros (academic), Tryfonas Tryfonos (executive director, co-director, municipal councilor) insurance company consultant) -aristindin.

Kyrenia: Adamos Aspris, Dr. Petros Katsioloudis (Aristide candidate after a proposal by the party president, member of the Maronite community) and Andreas Nikitaras.

The names that have locked a place on the other ballots are:

Nicosia: Nikolas Papadopoulos, Fytos Konstantinou, Christiana Erotokritou, Marinos Mousiouttas, Alekos Tryfonidis, Andreas Fantis, Iraklis Giorgallis, Kyriakos Tyrimos, Michalis Damianou, Christos Tsingis, Marios Panagiotou, Andros Groudis, Andrios Gia.

Famagusta: Konstantinos Chrysodontas, Giorgos Anastasiou, Michalis Assiotis, Zanet Zenonos, Themis Themistokleous, Zacharias Koulias, Loizos Loizou, Christos Senekkis, Fokas Frangos and Neophytos Chrysochos (Aristindin).

Source: Liberal