What is ADHD and how do we recognize signs in the child

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When we talk about ADHD (attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder) we are referring to children and adults, who face serious behavioral and cognitive difficulties in important areas of their lives.

It is a chronic disorder, as 30% to 70% of children with ADHD continue to have difficulties as adults.

In a class of 30 children, at least 1 child has ADHD.

How do we recognize signs in the child?

The characteristics of ADHD are carelessness, hyperactivity and impulsivity, which evolve and change with the maturation of the individual.

More detail:

• can not be collected

• easily detached from irrelevant stimuli

• does not seem to be listening

• does not pay attention to details

• makes careless mistakes

• finds it difficult to follow instructions

• avoids tasks that require systematic spiritual effort

• forgets homework

• loses things

• is generally disorganized

• finds it difficult to stay seated

• shakes arms, legs, or spins in a chair

• constantly looks around and teases others

• gets up when not allowed

• runs and climbs too much

• does not think before reacting

• answers before the question is completed

• speaks constantly

• finds it difficult to wait his turn

• there are no rules in games

• interrupts or annoys others

Source: baby.gr