There will be no referendum on Scottish independence, London stresses

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The British Minister of Defense Michael Fallon  

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Second Scottish independence referendum? "Forget it," said British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, stressing that London would not help Scotland hold a new referendum on secession from the United Kingdom during its current parliamentary term ending in 2020.

"No, forget it," Fallon said in an interview with the Scottish Herald newspaper when asked if he would facilitate a new vote for Scottish independence. Asked again by BBC Radio Scotland, Fallon said: "We have made it clear that there is no need for a second referendum."

He added that Nicola Sterzon, the head of Scotland's decentralized government and separatist movement, should respect the result of the 2014 referendum in which 55% of Scots voted in favor of staying in the UK.

Sturgeon wrote on Twitter that it would be a "catastrophic move" for London if it blocked a second Scottish independence referendum.