16-year-old Roma: With flowers and songs the last "goodbye"

The minor spent 8 days in the ICU after being shot during a chase

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The Roma of the settlement of Agia Sofia are currently mourning the 16-year-old Kostas Fragoulis, who was shot dead by a policeman.

The minor spent 8 days in the ICU after being shot during the chase, but died on December 13.

The funeral is held in the Holy Church of Panmegisto Taxiarhon while his burial is in the Cemeteries of Evosmos.

Many people, relatives and friends were at the family's house, in the settlement of Agia Sofia, since yesterday when the body was moved, in order to give comfort to the family.

"I hope that something like this never happens again to any child, to any person," said the president of the Panhellenic Confederation of Greek Roma, Vassilis Pantzos, and added that "the request of all Gypsies is that the policeman be jailed, that there be justice" and he emphasized for another once the need for the Greek Gypsy community to keep its cool.

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"Today is a sad day for all of us. Today we brought the child home, to be mourned by the family. It is a very difficult day", stressed the president of the Roma Federation of Central and Western Macedonia, Panagiotis Sambanis. He said that the parents are waiting for the decision of the Court on whether the 34-year-old police officer should be remanded in custody. "All the family is asking is for the policeman to be tried," he noted.


Source: in.gr