Bronx: Murdered her 46-year-old mother with a frying pan

26-year-old Bronx woman arrested for brutally murdering her mother with a frying pan

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A 26-year-old woman was arrested in the Bronx for the brutal murder of her mother, who she killed with a frying pan.

According to the New York Post, Skydajah Patterson, as the 26-year-old is named, was the one who revealed the crime when she called the police to confess to killing her 46-year-old mother, Selma Mclean, in the apartment they shared.

"I just killed my mother," the 26-year-old reportedly said when she called at 3:40 a.m. Monday (US time) as officers who rushed to the apartment found the 46-year-old unconscious with injuries to her face and head and the 26-year-old holding in the hands the bloody pan.

The 26-year-old confessed to the police that she took the frying pan and hit her mother on the back of the head, causing her to lose consciousness.

The also 26-year-old godmother of the 46-year-old said that the woman had sent her a message shortly before the crime in which she wrote that she was afraid of her daughter, who had recently been discharged from a psychiatric clinic.

“He was in the psychiatric clinic from February until last week. She started hearing voices and was speaking in a man's voice the night before the crime. My godmother was scared because she could hear her saying that the voices in her head were telling Skydajah that she (the 46-year-old victim) was dangerous," said the victim's godmother.

According to herself, the condition of the 26-year-old who murdered her mother had worsened after she lost her child last August.