GREECE: 19-year-old Alkiviadis killed by 12 people because he was a fan of Mars

19-year-old Alkiviadis Kampanos fell victim to involvement and instant death yesterday at midnight in Thessaloniki, in the area of ​​Charilaou.


Victim of entanglement and instant death fell 19-year-old Alkiviadis Kampanos yesterday at midnight in Thessaloniki, in the area of ​​Charilaou.

Born in April 2003 was Alkiviadis Kampanos, the 19-year-old who was killed shortly after midnight on Monday in her area. Charilaou Thessaloniki, near the stadium of Mars.

A child soldier, with his father due to his professional obligations, to change areas of residence regularly. Thus, the 19-year-old went to school in Thessaloniki for several years, but in recent years he lived in Veria.

Alcibiades came to Thessaloniki yesterday to see a friend. A man who was with him in the last minutes of his life when he accepted her murderous attack.

A tragic figure and the child's uncle who was the one who was called to recognize him in the hospital, until his parents arrived from Veria.


The tragic seconds

According to his secure information Thetsival, the 19-year-old was the only one who was with him and accepted the attack, who was never involved with fan movement. It is noted that two more people were attacked and are being treated at the "Papanikolaou" hospital in Thessaloniki.

Near their crime scene, where the victim died on the spot, the Police located a sickle which bore traces of blood. The weapon was handed over to the sub-directorate of Criminological Investigations of northern Greece. According to exclusive information from Thestival, the people who took part in the attack were at least 12 and they had with them knives and other sharp objects.

The funeral of the undefeated Alkiviadis will take place on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, at the Church of Ag. Athanassiou (Cemeteries) of Veria.

via: Enimerotiko