Collaborative post about the pedophile "Give Medea to be judged only by mothers"

"I want to be punished for every mother who can not conceive and melt a baby, for every mother who sells her house to pay for the chemotherapy of her sick child"

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Public opinion was paralyzed with horror with the case of the death of the three children in Patras, as their mother Roula Pispirigou is accused of taking the life of her 9-year-old daughter, Georgina.

Through her personal account and on the occasion of the arrest of Roula Pispirigou, a woman wrote 22 reasons why the pedophile from Patras should be punished with the heaviest sentence. This particular post was spread like wildfire on the Mass Media.

The post as it is

#I_want_to_be_punished, Not like the other times, Not like the other killers
7 years, work in cooking, one day counts for three and then out
#For_every_mother who spends the night with her feverish son
For every mother who cries when she leaves her first child at school
For every mother who has a sore breast to breastfeed
For every mother who becomes surrogate to her sister's baby who can not conceive
For every mother who has a heartbeat over a Children's hospital room
For every mother who takes hormones to have a baby
For every mother who goes to the gynecologist for her ovulation and looks at the doctor's mouth like God
For every mother who miscarries and cries with the pillow in her mouth not to be heard
For every mother who takes a plane and goes to the Balkans and Africa and adopts an orphan
For every mother who sells her home to pay for her sick child 's chemotherapy
For every mother who endures an abusive partner so that the child does not divorce his tangible father
For every mother who gives her kidney to her child not to undergo dialysis
For every mother who does two jobs so that her children do not miss the game
For every mother who leaves her hair unpainted to get a new sneaker for her child
For every refugee mother who puts her child in a boat
For any mother who can not conceive a baby and cries out of longing outside a kindergarten watching others play
For every mother who brings out her own tangible vagina, she inflicts tangible pains
For every mother who stayed in bed for months to avoid detachment
For every mother who would enter the storm to save her child and drown herself
For every mother who lost a child in a car accident, she caresses a photo and a memorial
For every mother who killed her daughter and smells her clothes
For all these mothers and women with a strong maternal filter
I want Roula Pispirigou, the cold Executor, to be punished
Not a prison psychiatric hospital and in ten years to drink coffee on the beach of Patras
I want all these mothers to punish her
Only they can bring justice to her crimes.
Whatever method he used
Either suffocation or beauty or anesthetic in veterinary (horses and donkeys) Vietnamese drug, psychotropic substance ..
Give #Media to be judged by #ONO_MANADES
He was arrested
The sky darkened
Like Good Friday….
I can not stand..I can not stand it
So let us mourn them, we