Shocking revelations from Stathis's ex-partner: He has material with over 50 women

He had his own internet channel where for at least 8 years he uploaded videos in which young girls unknowingly starred

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New revelations about her ex-partner, Stathis Panagiotopoulos were made by the woman who accused him of revenge porn.

As the 30-year-old complains to the Greek media, the presenter had his own channel on the internet where for at least 8 years he uploaded videos in which young girls unknowingly starred.

The girl talked about everything with details, dates and locations.

The revelations he made about Stathis Panagiotopoulos are shocking.

"I saw that in addition to this video, he had an account on another page, he had his own channel and he was uploading. It had 10 videos, I do not know how many photos from different women and three of my own videos and about 300 photos. A channel that had it for about 8 years. He did not look good on all faces, he cut them. Some were young and generally had a tendency to be young. His previous relationship with me was 23 and he even told me because I was 24… "oh, you are great!". "He had an issue," he says initially.

According to her complaints, as time went on, Stathis Panagiotopoulos had even greater demands, stating characteristically, "That's why I broke up with him, because I could not go down what he asked. He was pushy, he wanted to do all the extremes he saw in porn movies. And especially in the last six months, it was stressful and after a point I could not stand it, I could not. He had told me about some of his friends or other girls some ex and he even sent me nude photos of other girls, to tell him which one I like and he had some who said that they are interested in me and that they saw me… to do something together ».

As soon as the 30-year-old calmed down from the initial shock of the revelations, she started looking to find other girls who appeared in the videos so that they could all take legal action together.

He tells Greek media that "I had only contacted a girl and he said" yes, I'm in the video "and now this girl is abroad, she is married and I do not want to look for it, I sent her a message two years ago from social and to another I had sent and obviously she is, but she refused, she did not want. I hope now, those who see it to speak, because there are too many Stathis's exes; because I know that on his computer he had infinite material, more than 50 women ".

For videos

The confession of the girl as recorded in the case file is shocking. He describes the 58-year-old as a manipulator with special instincts, saying, "I saw that he also did not enjoy the act itself, but he liked it more, to shoot videos. After a while, I did not want to and I said to him… "what do you want so much?" and once I told him jokingly, "I hope you do not see me on any site and he says" no, do not be stupid, I will write it like this "and he told me another title ε he was making fun of me in the face. Most of them were with a mobile phone and some were with a video camera that he had. In Thessaloniki, at his house, he was usually with a camera. "Both on the island and in Athens and in general, where we were, he was pulling with his mobile phone".

For the meeting with the wife of Stathis Panagiotopoulos

The 30-year-old found the strength to speak in detail to his wife Stathis Panayotopoulos. As he states:

"In the summer we happened to meet his wife and I out of curiosity alone, I had to inform her, because this man can not make fun of women like that and do this thing and get other people around his neck. I met them on the street and told her "he has done this, he has a court in a month" and he even replied "what you are doing is not right, it is not fair. It's a mess ”and he got up and left. Earlier again, in August, he had tried to approach me, he was playing it good, "sorry" and "I love you" and "you are my best friend" λέει he says "I would still like to marry you" and in fact I realized that is kidding. He did not protect his family, his associates or anyone. He is not interested in anything, he shows an apathy. "I do not dare to leave my house and he is free."

Following these revelations, another woman breaks her silence and, in a post, talks about what she experienced when she decided to meet him, as he promised to find her a job. As the former colleague of Stathis Panagiotopoulos noted, "when I left disgusted by that meeting, of course he was not discouraged, as he sent me messages, to which I never responded, for YEARS. SMS and viber, morning or night, without ever responding, did not matter to the "Dog". He sent me his last message about 4 years ago (8 years since the last time I saw him !!), to inform me, so irrelevantly, about his performance in oral sex. "Yes, you read that right."

The complaints against Panagiotopoulos continued on social media. As one woman writes, "I once happened to talk to Panagiotopoulos here on Insta and he was vulgar, filthy, a slut. "You did well and you shared what happened to you."

For communication with Radio Arvylas

He said about the presenters of Radio Arvylas: "The children called me and I sincerely thank them very much. They asked me if I could tell them everything. I was ashamed and ashamed but I told them. We talked for a long time. They knew nothing, I understood that. I spoke with both Mr. Kanakis and Mr. Kiousis. I was told that they want to stand by me and help me; to help me in whatever I need, to support me morally in legal costs, to find experts who deal with such issues. But I do not know who could really help me. My family, my relatives, no one knows. It is a shame that I lived. I appreciate them very much. I appreciate their movement. Time will tell…."

At the same time, Antonis Kanakis, Giannis Servetas and Christos Kiousis Kiousis have already filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for the damage and moral damage suffered by them personally as well as the Radio Arvyla show, and Antonis Kanakis as its creator.