Father kills his 43-year-old son with a carbine - What lies behind the family tragedy

Drugs and violence ....

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Drugs and violence - The victim became aggressive against his 23-year-old son - The young man found refuge with his grandfather - "Do not approach it will hurt," said the 71-year-old before the murder

A family tragedy unfolded today in Ryzia Kilkis, where a father killed his own son with a carbine.

Shortly after 08:00 this morning, a 71-year-old father shot and killed his 43-year-old son, the father of a 23-year-old child. A ladder of the Forensic Investigation Office of the Kilkis Police Directorate rushed to the spot. Authorities proceeded to arrest the father of the unfortunate man.

According to thestival.gr, the victim used substances and became aggressive towards his father and his 23-year-old son. On Monday night, the victim erupted against his son and scenes of violence unfolded in their home. The 23-year-old left scared and went to his 71-year-old grandfather's house to stay there.

Early in the morning and after realizing that his child had gone to his grandfather, the victim went angrily to pick him up. The same information says that the 71-year-old warned the 43-year-old that if he approaches "it will be bad". He disobeyed and the 71-year-old shot and killed him.

Preliminary investigation for the sad incident has been undertaken by the Kilkis Security Department, while an autopsy-necropsy has been ordered.