Hellas/COVID-19: Two women were found dead inside an apartment

At the ICU with a coronavirus, their brother who lived with them

HELLENIC ASTINOMY Covid-19, Women, Death

The death of two elderly women (brothers), who were found dead, on Sunday night, in the house where they lived, in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, is not attributed to criminal activity. This emerged after the macroscopic examination carried out by a medical examiner, who was called to the scene. The exact causes of death are expected to be clarified by the necropsy - autopsy.

The bodies of the two elderly men, 86 years old and 80 years old, were found by their nephew, who seems to have occasionally lived in the same house. This person is said, according to grtimes, to be experiencing psychological problems.

According to information from thestival.gr, the two elderly women lived in the apartment with their brother, who is being treated in the ICU with coronavirus, but also with his son who located the bodies. The two women probably died from a coronavirus.

Police officers are at the scene conducting a preliminary investigation into the circumstances and causes of the two deaths, while a medical examiner is also expected to conduct an autopsy at the scene and an autopsy on the bodies. The 32-year-old was taken to the local Police Department where he testified.

Source: edaily