Greece: Six-year-old boy lost his eye in an accident inside a Jumbo chain store

A six-year-old boy almost went completely blind in the store - The creepy description of the accident by the mother - What does the lawsuit in the department store say and the answer given by Jumbo

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In the all-responsible lawsuit filed by the parents of the six-year-old, it is stated that the vision in the left eye of the minor boy was almost completely lost.

Parents sued Jumbo for the serious injury suffered by their six-year-old son last July when he tried to catch a toy and due to his height crashed into the hangers, which lacked a protective cover. As a result, he was severely injured in his left eye, which caused a temporary loss of vision and led to surgery.

Examining the chronicle of an accident that was to mark the little boy's family for half a year, one wonders if the care conditions were properly designed to avoid injuries at the company's branch in Maroussi, on Kifissias Avenue. Was there the necessary provision to ensure, in the "temple" of the game, the safety of minors who with diffuse spontaneity and carefree rush to the games of their choice?

The Jumbo lawsuit and the search for responsibilities

In the all-responsible lawsuit filed by the parents of the six-year-old and published by, it is mentioned that the vision in the left eye of the minor boy almost disappeared completely.

The issue seems to be escalating, as the issue is reported to the competent and independent authority "Consumer Ombudsman", as well as to the supervising Ministry of Development, given that - as mentioned in this complaint - the concern of the complaining parents is to take protection measures. , not to repeat another injury of a minor child and, of course, no parent to experience the nightmare they experienced themselves.

In the context of investigating the incident, the questions that arise are many, but what is isolated as key is the following: Why was there no care that they are not naked from special stops, as they are called, iron hangers?

At the same time, one can not help but wonder if such help was provided to the family while it was sinking in the darkness of panic.

 The reaction of the employees

According to the lawsuit, the 42-year-old mother, at the time of the injury, an employee was nearby who can certify the way in which the incident unfolded. However, the mother claims that not only was there no practical support from Jumbo's staff at the time of the boy's beating, but the only thing she's concerned that the employees seemed to be interested in was the payment of the prescribed amounts for some purchases they had already done.

With the anxiety gripping her, the mother was lost in a multitude of negative thoughts, while trying to help her six-year-old son who at that moment, as he remembers, was crying loudly.

The 42-year-old was in the store with her two minor children. As she points out, she did not imagine that in seconds and even though she was constantly on her mind, suddenly her son would take a few steps to get a plastic hair dryer which, however, hung from an iron hanger. Due to the height, the child's eye was injured by the iron countryside.

The child's father with coronavirus

Also negative in the case is the fact that the 43-year-old father of the child was seriously ill with coronavirus during the school holidays, with the result that the 42-year-old is alone in the store with two children and one can not see due to the fresh injury.

Charges of bodily harm due to gross negligence of those responsible. The blow, as indicated in the lawsuit, was such that it caused swelling, redness and internal bleeding in the eye. The six-year-old's vision problems remain, six months after the incident.

24 hours after the stroke, a specialist doctor referred the family to a surgeon, so that the appropriate operation can be performed and the child does not suffer from total blindness. The operation was performed and the little boy was hospitalized in "Paidon Pentelis" for one day.

The mother, who remembers with horror the afternoon walk of the summer vacation that turned into an endless adventure, also cites the words of the surgeon, who could not assure her that the serious injury would not stigmatize her child's vision.

He also blames the store managers, accusing them of negligent bodily harm. "On behalf of our child, we hold anyone responsible for the unjust act of bodily harm," the parents point out in the lawsuit they filed.

"I suddenly heard my son screaming in pain"

The Golgotha ​​of the six-year-old mother began on the afternoon of July 14, when the schools were closed. With her two children she visited the Jumbo branch to buy children's equipment for the beach.

He went to the store in the afternoon, at 18:00, hoping that, after a long period of confinement, the walk would be a pleasant tour of the game world.

"I suddenly heard my son screaming in pain, screaming and screaming in tears, holding his eye and sniffing," the mother, a medical professional by profession, recalled and underlined in the lawsuit, as did the child's father. of.

"The child did not escape my attention and supervision," the woman clarifies, describing the moment when her son chose plastic toys.

At the moment when she felt everything around her freeze, she points out: "Frightened, I turned to see what had happened and found that the child's left eye was not just injured but red, bleeding and swollen excessively. The child with horrible pains answered me that he could not see with his left eye ".
"Within fractions of a second - and as it is perfectly understandable - trying to understand how my child was so seriously injured and in my question, he told me in his attempt to get (hang) a plastic pistol from the iron hooks that still hang and at a low height for children (even if one considers the height of my six-year-old minor son, who was then only 1,16 cm), the toys, which have iron-clad hangers at the end, lack a protective stop, so to avoid injury ", adds the mother.

"Their only concern was to check if the children were holding a toy that we did not pay for"

Unable to forget the nightmarish one hour of her stay in the store of Maroussi, she also emphasizes that it is "a shame for Jumbo when the child was in pain and I thought I would faint from the shock, their only concern was to check if the children were holding a toy that we did not pay for ".

Emphasizing the severity of the injury, the mother points out that during the clinical examination in the slit, "a vertical conjunctival vertical section of about 12 mm was found. He was admitted to the Surgical Ophthalmology Clinic, where under general anesthesia a surgical examination of the wound was performed and conjunctival suturing ".

According to the ophthalmologist, the child could have completely lost his sight in the left eye, the mother emphasizes, recalling that cold and sad day in July.

In the coming days, the parents of the injured minor will file a civil lawsuit for compensation for the bodily injury of their minor son, as well as any other damage suffered, as well as the moral damage, a significant part of which will be provided for public benefit. purpose, in favor of a juvenile protection association.

After all - as they point out - this was their real motivation, when they decided after their tragic visit to the Jumbo store on the afternoon of July 14 to indulge in a legal battle and therefore to spend both financially and psychologically: to prevent any other injury another innocent minor in the otherwise "paradise" of children and consequently, no other parent to experience the nightmare they experienced themselves.

In contact with the legal department of Jumbo on Friday, February 4, the legal advisor Mrs. Economou, replied to that the reported incident has not been recorded. However, according to the family of the 6-year-old boy, an out-of-court notice was served on 24/10/2021 at the company's headquarters in Moschato, through which the filing of the lawsuit against Jumbo was announced.

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