Jumbo: These are the dangerous hangers in her stores

The serious injury to the eye of a 6-year-old child and the ruthless attack of the Jumbo administration on the family

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Serious risks to public health, especially for the thousands of young children who visit the dozens of Jumbo stores throughout Greece, involves the promotion of products that are placed on hangers. This is because these hangers do not in any way meet the safety standards that a store that serves young children should have.

The serious injury of a 6-year-old boy, who was in danger of losing his eye from a hanger that had no protector, opens a new round of discussions on what a serious company should do to protect its petty customers.

The Jumbo company, despite the allegations made, the out-of-court settlements and the lawsuits for negligent bodily harm, despite the fact that all the necessary documents were presented that certified the child's injury, not only denied the fact, but also carried out an open attack. to the detriment of the victim's family.

Instead of correcting the serious mistakes that are found in her stores and that endanger the physical integrity of the children, she essentially disputed the accident and accused the family of possible deceit and fraud.

In the reply they sent, in fact, they justify the dangerous hangers for their products, saying that "the equipment and the way of displaying the goods is a fixed and appropriate practice throughout the industry, in Greece and internationally, and is unchanged from the recommendation of our company, in 1986 ".

This is certainly a false report as a little research in similar stores of other toy chains, but also in stores that use such hangers, finds a different reality.

All other toy chains have these hangers, but at the end they use protectors to prevent accidents like the one of the 6-year-old boy.

The revealing photos published by in, both from Jumbo stores and from other chain stores, show the huge difference.jumbo 473x1024 1 Jumbo, Accidentjumbo2 473x1024 1 Jumbo, Accidentjumbo3 473x1024 1 Jumbo, Accidentjumbo4 473x1024 1 Jumbo, Accidentjumbo5 473x1024 1 Jumbo, Accident

As you can see, in Jumbo stores, the iron on which the products are hung is completely bare at the end. In other words, a small child, with a small stature, can easily get the toy he wants and get injured in the eye or in another part of his body.

In other words, as was the case with the 6-year-old boy who hurried to get the toy he wanted and the -without any protective- iron, he was nailed to his eye, as a result of which he needed surgery.

At the same time, in other stores one can see the way in which these companies protect their customers.

At the end of the hanger they have placed a small plastic plate with the details and the price of the product, so that even if a child accidentally falls on it, no injury will occur. allo2 768x1024 1 Jumbo, Accidentallo3 1024x768 1 Jumbo, Accidentallo 768x1024 1 Jumbo, Accident

With these photos, a basic business of the Jumbo company is canceled. That is, in the entire toy industry, in Greece and internationally, this is the established and appropriate practice of product placement.

Did such a serious accident have to take place and endanger the eyesight of a 6-year-old to find out that only Jumbo has been using this extremely dangerous practice since 1986?

Or is it because the corresponding accidents have not been reported that the complete absence of protection measures for the customers of the specific company is "acquitted"?

It seems, after all, to the naked eye that the specific irons - hangers that have no protective plastic, are dangerous for everyone.

Even large stores with tools or other products aimed at adults, take care not to display them on hangers - spikes, which could cause an accident.

Jumbo's management, instead of accepting that even an accident to the detriment of a child is more than enough to change the way its goods are displayed, launched an attack on the family and accused her of fraud.

A family that suffered a lot due to the serious injury of the child who, if he had not had surgery, would probably have lost his eye.

And the photos of the little one inside the hospital certify the seriousness of the accident that occurred inside the Jumbo store in Maroussi.

After the publication of this sad story, in fact, there were other complaints in the media, for correspondingly dangerous situations and in other stores of this chain, such as e.g. in that of Piraeus.