VIDEO: Jumbos angered vegans – Reactions to the Easter ad with Bouga

Jumbo in their commercial for Easter 2023 managed to fit all the stereotypes in just 1 minute, causing outrage on social media.

bougas Jumbo

Red Easter eggs as spaceships on the Moon, a stripper-bunny doing pole dancing, a lamb on a spit, glasses of beer in zero gravity and an "army" of roasters. And in the middle the "Planetarch" Tasos Bougas.

If all of this seems completely surreal, then you haven't seen her yet Jumbo Easter ad, in which the folk singer as an Astronaut goes to the Moon to celebrate Easter after being banished from Earth by the… bad vegans.

Tasos Bougas sings a cover of Natasha Theodoridou's song "My Moon", with the lyrics causing a storm of reactions since they highlight all gender and non-stereotypes in the worst way.

"Moon here I will roast the lamb, because the vegans kicked me out of my Earth. Come, my people, I treat, because I am the guardian and angel of custom. Moon-dance. For them the egret is old-fashioned, for me luxury eau de cologne. Come my bakers, pride of the people with the smoke to drown the galaxy", sings the "Planetarch", at the same time saying goodbye to the "bunny" who is hurled into Space.

Finally, holding one lambada steak, he himself asks vegans to stay far and dear, while at the same time the spectator of all this is a young vegan, who holds a lettuce bulb and eats at the same time from it.

The particular advertising spot caused a storm of reactions with most Internet users characterizing it as "sad", "kitsch" and "regressive", as they point out, it directly attacks vegans and the veganism movement, simultaneously promoting sexist and racist messages.

There were even negative comments about the "nutrition courses” which are delivered through the ad in question by the Jumbos, which in fact characterize the specific spot “prophetic film", commenting at the same time: "The only thing certain is that many things can 'separate' us in the future. But we will always be united by the Easter candle and the favorite Jumbos".

"Your ads never fail to have at least one misogynistic, racist or speciesist message", wrote one user, while another, watching the spot, commented: "With the five roasters you will be left with customers at the end. I personally have no desire to come to your stores again after this. You're pitting people against each other for no reason with a kitsch, third-world, offensive and sexist slur".

“Kitsch and retrograde, in an attempt to take advantage of the fact that more and more people are going vegan. Defamation, this is also an advertisement right?”, one user commented under the advertisement on the department store's Facebook account.

Watch the video in question: