Horror! A priest abused a 12-year-old girl for 4 years

koritsaki klaiei aselgeia

Since April 2018, the little girl had denounced the martyrdom she was going through - Child's Smile: A few days ago her mother realized that she was telling the truth - On a holiday from the Holy Diocese of Mani, the 57-year-old priest

Disgust and anger are the emotions that overwhelmed the residents of Lakoniki Mani when the news became known that one of the oldest priests in the area was arrested by the police authorities on charges of child abuse.

A horrific act that was repeated for four consecutive years, from the tender age of eight, as the young girl allegedly confessed with the help of child psychologists who examined her.

The victim reportedly showed problematic behavior at school, a fact that worried her teacher. She was the one who notified the doctors at the Areopolis Health Center after consultation with the school principal.

The little girl underwent tests where it was found that she had been abused. According to her own testimony, she was abused by her mother's partner, that is, the priest, and in fact for a number of years.

The priest spoke to residents and visitors about the lack of humility that characterizes people, denouncing the mausoleum tombs in the cemeteries of the area while he put them with the locals involved in tourism, accusing them of scandal. He said of himself that he preferred a solitary life and that his only occupations were fishing and proclaiming the word of God. However, it seems that he also had a dark side which only the little daughter of his foreign partner allegedly knew.

The priest after his arrest and apology before an investigator and prosecutor was taken to the prisons of Tripoli as his pre-trial detention was ordered.

On Saturday, the Holy Diocese of Mani announced that the said priest has already been put on holiday in accordance with the existing ecclesiastical provisions.

The announcement from the Child's Smile

Following the reports about the arrest of the priest in eastern Mani, Laconia, for the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl, "To Hamogelo tou Paidou" informs you about the "Odyssey" that the little girl went through trying to talk about the horror she went through.

In April 2018, the little one entrusted the event to a person of the Organization and at the urging of the latter, the procedures were immediately initiated. The child, together with people from the Organization, went to the Juvenile Prosecutor, where he testified with the help of an expert.

Throughout the preparation and deposition of the Child, the main concern of the Organization was to ensure the protection of the little one and to remove her from the priest.

In this effort "The Smile of the Child" and the people who were constantly next to the 12-year-old faced the threats of the priest to the point of his visit together with a lawyer in our place to prevent our actions. In addition, the mother of the child carries out provocations against the people of the Organization. As a result, an employee of our Organization was arrested.

Following the above, we were summoned by the prosecutor who finally decided that the 12-year-old would not have contact with the priest.

When the testimony was completed, the 12-year-old prosecutor decided to have contact only with her mother in the presence of a social worker from "To Hamogelo tou Paidou", however there was no decision for the then alleged perpetrator priest.

A few days ago and after the mother of the 12-year-old realized that he was telling her the truth, she proceeded to testify. The priest was arrested and charged with sexual abuse.

The 12-year-old is now in the care of "Smile"

The above would not need to be told if it were not a story that brings us to embarrassment and despair because even today we wonder:

How long will a Child find the courage to talk about the horror he is going through but no one will believe it?

How long will a Child have to deal with countless depositions in courts unfamiliar to Children experiencing Abuse again and again?

How long will a Child be abused and an entire local community be silent?

Source: Protothema