Two-month-old Nektarios won the first battle of his life - Overcame the danger after 13 days in the ICU

"This was the first victory in his life," the doctor said excitedly about the toddler who struggled with the virus.

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Pleasant news for the two-month-old Nectarios from Agrinio, who after 13 days of hospitalization in the Children's ICU, overcame the danger and will soon be handed over to his parents,

"We won the bet for little Nectarios…", said the head of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital of Patras, Andreas Iliadis, to ERT Patras, for the departure of the two-month-old baby from the critical state of his health.

"This was the first victory in his life…" the doctor added, obviously excited and stressed that the positive result came through the collective work of the medical and nursing staff of the Children's ICU of the University Hospital.

The health condition of a 4-year-old from Corfu is serious

Speaking about the case of a four-year-old child from Corfu who is being treated at the Children's ICU, Andreas Iliadis said that his condition is characterized as serious. The child has suffered a severe asthma attack and is supported by a ventilator.

In the first treatment he received from the doctors with a mixture of helium he showed a slight improvement. "We still have a long way to go. It is a rare case… "pointed out the head of the Children's ICU.

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