A father of four explains to Jumbo why he will stop shopping

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In a polite and explanatory letter, a father from Rethymno, to the company that caused reactions with its latest advertisements, analyzes why these spots harm children and how they can affect them.

Concluding, he announces that as a sign of protest and until the practical reversal of these propaganda actions, he will stop buying from Jumbo stores

Read the letter and the arguments of the 37-year-old father.

"Open letter
To: Board of Directors and responsible marketing department (advertising) of "JUMBO SA"

Dear gentlemen and executives of "JUMBO AEE", rejoice!

I am 37 years old, a parent of 4 children -5 to 13 years old- and of course, a frequent visitor-customer of the successful JUMBO chain of stores, which is a concept closely intertwined with many of our pleasant family moments.

However, with this letter, I would like to express my protest and indignation to you, for a series of advertisements displayed by your company, culminating of course, to the children (us) and the other viewers, a propaganda show these days. homosexual 'relationship', as equally natural as a heterosexual.

As a parent I know very well, as I believe that even better (you should) know you as having long experience, being active in this field of products and services for children, that the company JUMBO as a name, brand, services and overall course , is if nothing else inextricably linked to children and of course, extremely recognizable by them!

The recipients of your company's messages, children and parents, could not but instinctively focus their attention on the JUMBO brand ('symbol' for children), in all its projections and appearances (TV commercials, posters, songs, events). , printed material). And what messages children, you would agree that they have the feeling that they concern them personally!

The fact that you know this for sure is even demonstrated by the fact that, for example, in 2014, before the screening of a carnival advertisement, your company, understanding of course that your little 'friends' will instinctively focus their attention on its message, warns to the young spectators saying: “Children beware! … ..You do not try something like that ". Of course, if the company did not know that the children feel its messages are addressed to them personally, the above correct remark on your part would be completely unnecessary.

So what is the reason, or rather, what is the expected commercial, social and mainly pedagogical result from the successive promotion of issues such as homosexuality, nudity, vulgar implication, the "desire between people of very unequal age" etc? The last one, for example, was shown on Holy Week 2 years ago, while the content of the relevant advertisement is set in a setting, where during a top ecclesiastical celebration (Resurrection), the whole procession is interrupted, when the leading middle-aged person faces 'upset' a young (!), thus provoking the advertisement in this way apart from the moral, among others the religious conscience of the spectators.

The above messages that I repeat are addressed (unintentionally or voluntarily) directly to our children, they are the least I think unfortunate promotions (outside the 'climate' as we say), even direct socio-political propaganda, from which no one would disagree that innocent children at least , should be protected, away from the specific and still in progress (scientific, philosophical and social) reflection.

In addition, these days the advertising 'message' is clearly contrary to the non-revisible (Coll. 110, 1) Uses, which are defined as:

 the perceptions of the medium ("according to the general perception") "a useful (ie moral and virtuous) and reasonably thinking social man" (AP 398/1975; Coll. 5, 1 • Ast. Code 178, 281).

As a fundamental source of law, they are applied and exist in order for social coexistence not to lose its normality, justice and, most importantly, its dignity! That is why the exceeding of the exercise of the right according to article 281 of the Civil Code is called "Abuse of right". In Greece, of course, the perceptions of the average "morally and virtually thinking social person" (especially a parent) are not at all in line with the perceptions (as well as the confusion) that are expressed and promoted through this advertising 'spectacle'!

I think no one could disagree that the 'messages' especially of those companies that 'move' in the sensitive area of ​​children, should be… more adapted to the age sensitivities and needs of children! (and their parents)

They must send messages beautiful, pedagogically useful, modest and pure as the souls of children and with respect for both parents and children and society itself; since it is largely true that:

 "an indicator of a society's culture is the way it treats and treats its children"!

Needless to say, despite the fact that JUMBO is also active in products aimed at adults (household items, food, etc.), this could certainly not turn stores-'symbol' for children into equal stores. household items, much more φί food !! When people say JUMBO (whether you understand it or not), the absolute connotation is… CHILDREN, toys, school, baby, baby room products, clothes, etc.

At this point, the following question is added: When homosexuality and gender confusion are promoted by companies active in the field of goods and services for children, infants and parents, is the adoption of innocent children by same-sex couples propagated in parallel? ';;

Dear gentlemen.
A fundamental parameter in the psycho-social development of our children-young people, are clearly the models set by the society in which they grow up; together, of course, with our personal example.

AS A SIGN OF PROTEST and until the practical undoing of this propaganda action to the children, I STOP BUYING FROM JUMBO STORES.

Rest assured that no empathy comes from this action, but I express my disappointment when a company-symbol for children, deviating from its purpose, repeatedly displays all of the above, thus penetrating and 'cooking' the innocent consciences of children. !

It is now up to your discretion to take advantage of this protest from which I expect (as well as many Greeks) your remorse for the aforementioned advertising actions and the non-repetition of naturally similar mistakes.
In any case, I wish health to all.

With respect
Christos Bonatakis »