Greece: "He raped me and filmed it" - 23-year-old woman's complaint about her partner is shocking

He sent the rape video and then canceled the send

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The complaint of a 23-year-old woman in Pyrgos for rape by her partner, who allegedly filmed it, is shocking.

According to what the young woman reported, her partner, in the early hours of last Thursday, exerting sexual violence against her, and while filming her, threatened her that if she did not continue to obey his "sick moods", he would send the relevant video to her close relative, but also to a friend of his.

He sent the rape video and then canceled the send

According to information from the "Patris" newspaper, the suspect allegedly finally sent the video in question, which depicts the alleged acts, and although he canceled his mission a short time later, the material is at the disposal of the police authorities, as his mobile phone has been confiscated, while the confiscation of the mobile phones, on which the alleged perpetrator sent the video, has also been requested.

The 23-year-old appeared at the police station with marks on her body

The 23-year-old came early Thursday morning, having obvious signs of abuse on her hands and other parts of her body, and reported the above incident to the officers of the Tower Security Sub-Directorate.

Her partner was immediately arrested by the Security Police, who, in parallel with coordinated actions, ordered the examination of the girl and the carrying out of a forensic examination, in order to ascertain the injuries she has suffered.

In fact, the girl went on Thursday afternoon to the Forensic Service of Patras, where, among other things, it will be determined whether there are any findings that suggest rape, while the results of the tests are expected to be included in the case file.

He had attempted to rape her in September

The Pyrgos Security officers are also investigating an attempted rape that, according to the 23-year-old's testimony, her partner allegedly committed against her a few months ago.

More specifically, in early September 2023, after she refused to have sex with him, he abused her, causing a serious injury to her leg. The girl went for first aid to the Emergency Department of the Tower Hospital, where she underwent the necessary tests.

In fact, as part of the pre-investigation actions, the police officers also received the documents that actually prove that the girl came to the hospital injured on that particular day, however it should be noted that she did not tell the doctors the circumstances under which she was injured.

Also, the police officers who are handling the serious case, are examining with great care the arrestee's involvement in an earlier incident of abuse against his ex-partner.

The young man who is detained at the Ilia Police Department, is expected to be brought this morning to the District Attorney of Ilia with the case filed against him, which concerns the felony offenses of attempted rape and rape with threat.