Colonos: Michos is guilty of all charges and of the rape of the 12-year-old - the mother is innocent

Michos was found guilty of all charges except human trafficking - Celebrations and applause outside the court

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The guilt of Ilias Michos for the crime of raping the 12-year-old girl from Kolonos was decided by the Mixed Jury Court of Athens.

The court ultimately did not adopt the prosecutor's proposal, declaring Ilias Michos guilty of the crime of rape by a majority vote.

In addition, Ilias Michos was found guilty of abuse of a minor under the age of 14, pornography of a minor (possessing and distributing the material through computer systems), pimping and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. He was found not guilty only of trafficking a minor.

The guilty verdict of Ilias Michos was greeted with celebrations and applause by the gathered crowd outside the Mixed Jury Court of Athens.

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On the contrary, the minor's mother was found not guilty of pornography and pimping. The mother was found guilty only of misdemeanor extortion and broke down in tears upon hearing the verdict. It should be noted that the mother of the minor was unanimously found not guilty of the crime of child pornography and not guilty by a majority (4-3) of the crime of pimping.

As regards the remaining defendants in the case, judges and juries decided: The guilt of the so-called "Michal" for the acts of high-profile pimping and child pornography and his acquittal for attempted sexual acts with the minor.

The court also found 16 defendants guilty who are alleged to be "clients" of the minor. The decision was by majority and their conviction concerns the offense of sexual intercourse for pay.

Another defendant was found guilty of child pornography. Finally, six defendants were found not guilty of the crime of sexual intercourse committed or attempted.

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After the announcement of the court's decision, the lawyer of the mother of 12-year-old Apostolos Lytras stated "everything she and her daughter said was true from the first moment. It has now been proven by the court's decision that the mother is innocent."

For her part, the 12-year-old's lawyer, Aspasia Tarahopoulou, said after the announcement of the decision by the court: "the decision is a vindication for the minor first of all and a victory for Greek justice. We are very emotional and we are waiting to hear the sentences."