"I want to get off, what are you doing?" - A girl escapes from the Police who ask her to show them the movement SMS

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A girl recorded the escape of a girl from the control of police officers who asked her to show them the SMS related to her movement.

The relevant video was broadcast on the main news bulletin on Saturday (9/1).

The girl in question was on a bus moving on Poseidonos Avenue when two police officers entered the bus to carry out the check related to the observance of the restrictive measures.

When the police went to get out of the middle door of the bus, which was the only one open, to check if the passengers had the necessary documents for their movement, the girl got up, went to the exit and shouted: "I want to get off".

Then the policeman asked her to show the message, she answered "I want to go down, please", with the man of EL.AS. to try to restrain her, but to no avail.

The girl kept saying "I want to go down, what are you doing?" while a police officer replied "no, what are you doing, let's check", while both are out of the vehicle.

Then the girl started running with the policeman looking at her with a question and saying "well, will we go crazy?"

According to the Star report, the police did not chase her, as they were afraid that she would try to run across Poseidon Avenue and have an accident.

Watch the video recorded by Star: