Thriller with the French dancer: Did he engrave the names of the murderers in the tank?

The martyr's death of the French dancer had shocked the whole of Greece about the way in which the young man died

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The martyrdom of the French dancer Joyce - Timothy Radocik had shocked the whole of Greece for the way in which the young man, who was ignored for days and finally disappeared, seems to be a murder.

The Frenchman had been found dead in a tank of the ruined Mavromichalis villa in Piraeus and in it the authorities had found engraved some elements of the case, which were allegedly drawn by the young man, who was dying late in his martyrdom cage.

The show "Light in the Tunnel" brought new shocking revelations to the fore, with new testimony - "fire" to reach the show and cause horror, as it "shows" who and when threw in the water tank of the ruined villa Mavromichalis in Piraeus, T Timothy Radocic who died unjustly at the age of 27.

What did he carve with a stone in the water tank?

The dancer himself carved some elements with stones on the walls of the water tank before he died. Mention the name of the man who was with him on the afternoon of Friday, August 21, 2020, who went missing. It was the day he left the hostel where he was staying, just a few meters away from the ruined villa. The same person is mentioned by the witness, who spoke to "Tunnel" from abroad where he is.

The skeleton of the unfortunate Joyce was found by children playing in the area, nine months later. According to the information he had etched on the walls of the well, for a whole week he was helpless without food and water at the bottom.

"I was told what happened in the ruined mansion…"

The witness said on the show: "I was in Greece almost a year ago, at the end of August. I was staying in an inn and there I met a Frenchman and two other girls from France. He told me that the two girls had gone to the Police for a man who had disappeared. Then I left Athens. I kept in touch with this guy. He came to the country I was in and told me if he could tell me anything. I answered in the affirmative and he asked me if I remembered the story with the Frenchman who told me when we were in Athens. "Before Joyce was found dead, he told me that the police were looking for him everywhere and that he thought he had been killed and that he knew who had done it."

"According to him, he was on the beach in front of the inn where he and Joyce lived. He was alone there and heard something screaming from an abandoned building. Then another Frenchman, who also lived in the same inn, was passing by the beach holding something in his hand. A piece of wood or an umbrella and he was trying to play it calmly, at least he told me that. Then he threw away what he was holding and left. "I wanted to go to the police to say all this, but my friend, who is Greek, told me to speak first on your show," he concluded.

France: What the dancer's mother says…

The mother of the undefeated 27-year-old dancer, from France where she lives with her family, is fighting her own battle not to close the case if they do not receive the answers they ask for. "We know that the witness contacted the show and then you directed her and urged her to talk to the lawyer. then our lawyer informed us about this new testimony. We are happy with the development because from the beginning we know what Joyce had written on the walls of the well. We believe that so far we have not been taken seriously. But now some pieces are coming together to continue the investigation of the case. We rely on new data to give light. "We will not stop until we find out the truth," said Vera Lyman, among others.

She also appealed to other possible witnesses to contact the Police, the family lawyer or the show and talk.