Cyprus: Gangster murder in the center of Nicosia – 21-year-old from Syria dead

He was shot in the middle of the street in the center of the capital - The 21-year-old from Syria who was shot in the center of Nicosia is dead - The police are investigating premeditated murder - They opened fire on the car he was traveling in

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He is finally dead 21 year old from Syria who was shot in the center of Nicosia on Sunday night.

It's him Alsweidani Ahmad from Syria with the Police now investigating premeditated murder.

According to the information, at 21:40 information reached the authorities that shots were fired in a central area of ​​the capital, when unknown they opened fire against a vehicle in which the victim was a passenger, fatally injuring him in the head.

The 21-year-old was taken to Nicosia General Hospital by the driver of the car he was riding in, where he ended up shortly before 11 pm.

The scene where the 21-year-old was injured was cordoned off by members of the Police, for examinations, during which they collected various evidence.

How was the murder?

According to the information, a second vehicle was following the car in which the victim was riding. When the vehicle with the victim was at a waiting stop somewhere on the road, the perpetrator got out of the following vehicle, approached the passenger window and shot.

The driver of the vehicle, after committing the attempted murder, continued on his way and took the victim to the Hospital.

The doctors on duty assessed the state of health of the victim of the attack as very serious, but shortly afterwards he died.