Famagusta District: Signatures for a Wastewater Treatment Plant are falling

The Sewerage System of the Kokkinochorion Complex is also going to be completed

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Image from Ayia Napa Sewage Treatment Plant

Reportage: Famagusta.News

The signatures for the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Achna, which will serve the Sewerage System of the Kokkinochorion Complex, fall today, Wednesday.

The Kokkinochorion complex includes eight communities, three from the province of Larnaca (Ormidia, Xylofagou and Xylotympos), five from the province of Famagusta (Avgorou, Agios Georgios Acheritou-Vrysoules, Liopetri, Frenaros and Achromas two .

The construction of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Achna was announced in July 2013, but due to the repeated appeals of bidders to the Tender Review Authority, the project remained stagnant and the Government finally set a new construction start date of September 19th. with expected completion in June 2023, ten whole years after the initial forecast for operation of the project!

The cost of the Station project amounts to 30,7 million euros and with its completion is expected to serve more than 65 thousand inhabitants.

The implementation of the Sewerage System of the Kokkinochorion Complex is part of the harmonization of the Republic of Cyprus with the European Directive 91/271 / EEC on urban wastewater. This Directive required the planning, elaboration of studies, construction and operation of central sewerage systems until the year 2012 (!), In settlements with an equivalent population of more than 2.000.

The project is expected on its design horizon, ie, in the year 2030, to serve 64.619 inhabitants. The management of the implementation of the project, as well as the supervision of construction has been undertaken by the Department of Water Development. The Operator of the project will be the "Sewerage Council of Kokkinochorion" which is chaired by the Mayor of Deryneia, with members of the Commune Mayors of the Community Councils, the Members of the Municipal Councils of Deryneia and Sotira and a Member of the Members of the Community Councils .

The Sewerage Project of the Kokkinochorion Complex consists of seven construction contracts. The six Contracts concern the construction of sewage collection networks in the ten settlements and other related works, such as sewage pipelines and visiting wells. The seventh construction contract includes the joint Wastewater Treatment Plant with a capacity of 10.926 cubic meters per day, which will serve the entire Complex and will be constructed within the administrative boundaries of the Achna Community, northeast of the Achna Dam, as well as the pumping stations, the treated storage tank. water, the central treatment system for treated water and the sludge treatment system. Furthermore, the project includes other Contracts for the preparation of various economic studies, the purchase of technical services for construction supervision, project management, as well as for electricity, water supply and land expropriation.

The project was originally planned to be funded by the European Union Cohesion Fund, under the Priority Axis "Basic Infrastructure in the Sector of Environment and Energy", of the Operational Program "Sustainable Development and Competitiveness", of the Programming Period 2007-2013. Therefore, the cost of the project which was expected to reach € 95 million will be covered by 65% ​​of this Fund, by 25% by the State and by 10% by the Communities themselves. The benefits resulting from the construction of this sewerage system are the protection of the environment and groundwater resources and the protection of public health, while the production of treated water will enable farmers and ranchers in the area to irrigate their crops. and reuse the mud produced. As a result, the living standards of the project beneficiaries are expected to improve, as well as the creation of new jobs.

The signing ceremony of the Contract for the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Achna will take place today at 12 noon at the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment in the presence of the Minister, Costas Kadis.