The liquidator of Laiki Bank requests debt verification from creditors

The Liquidator of Laiki Bank reminds creditors to verify their claim

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Debt verification from those creditors who have claims from Laiki Bank is requested by the Bank's liquidator.

According to the announcement, the Liquidator of the Company reminds the creditors who have a claim from the Company to verify their claim.

It is recalled that based on the Decree of the District Court of Nicosia dated July 1, 2022, the creditor debt verification process can be conducted electronically. For the electronic submission of debt verification, creditors are invited to visit the website is external) and follow the instructions for submitting their information in order to receive unique access information to the online Creditor Portal of the settlement to which they will submit their claim.

Furthermore, it is recalled that by Decree of the District Court of Nicosia dated June 17, 2022, an extension of the deadline in which creditors will verify their debts or claims until October 16, 2022 has been secured, as well as an extension of the deadline for examining the debt verification of each creditor from the Liquidator within 150 days from the date of submission of each debt verification.

All relevant announcements regarding the liquidation will be posted on the specially configured liquidation portal[email protected].