Tragedy in London: 4 children lost their lives in a fire in a house

The children were pulled from a house in south London during a firefight.

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A fire that broke out in a house in south London claimed the lives of four children yesterday Thursday, British police announced.

In the same family

The children, believed to belong to the same family, were pulled from a home on Collingwood Street in south London during the firefighting operation.

They were taken to hospital, where they succumbed to their injuries, according to police officers and the metropolitan's fire department.

Sixty firefighters with eight vehicles took part in the firefighting operation, which took place yesterday Thursday afternoon, the fire department of the British capital said.

"Deep sadness"

The head of the London fire department, Andy Rowe, spoke about a tragedy that "numbed" everyone and caused "deep sadness".

The victims have not yet been identified. The causes of the fire are being investigated.