Photos of the two victims of the murder of the Cypriot in the UK have been made public

He is his 31-year-old ex-partner and her 61-year-old father

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The photos of the victims of the savage murder that was committed in the area of ​​Wood Green in London on November 28, 2021 by the 53-year-old Cypriot, Achilleas Kostas, were made public. He is his 31-year-old ex-partner and her 61-year-old father.

Friends and relatives say goodbye to Joanilason Assis and his daughter Fernanda Assis, expressing grief and anger over their murder. In particular, talking about the 31-year-old, they mention that she was a pure, kind-hearted girl.

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It is noted that the 28-year-old Cypriot is expected to be brought to court on February 2022, 53.

The two victims of the murder, who were found dead inside their apartment, had "too many" stab wounds.

According to My London, the examinations revealed that the Cypriot had an affair with the 31-year-old.

British police said the accused was located in the Huntington area and was behaving strangely. Examinations revealed that he had been involved in an incident of violence. The bodies of the two victims were later identified, with "despite numerous injuries".