Larnaca: 8-year-old under 26-day detention for 17 kilograms of cannabis

Evidence has emerged against a 26-year-old man

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The District Court of Larnaca today issued an eight-day detention order against a 26-year-old man, to facilitate the Police's investigations regarding an investigated case of illegal importation and illegal trafficking of drugs, i.e. approximately 17 kilograms of cannabis.

According to a statement from the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters "in the framework of the actions and actions carried out by the Larnaca Police Department in cooperation with the Customs Authorities and other competent bodies, with the aim of identifying persons who import drugs into the Republic of Cyprus, yesterday Tuesday, a suitcase containing 16 kilograms and 752 grams of cannabis, at Larnaca airport".

The suitcase with the drugs was seized by the Police, while during the investigation of the case, testimony emerged against a 26-year-old man, who was arrested last night and taken into custody.

The suspect appeared before the Larnaca District Court in the morning, which issued a detention order against him for eight days.

YKAN (Larnaca District Ladder) is investigating the case.

Source: KYPE