Larnaca: Phone call about a bomb at Livadia High School

Disturbance after a bomb call at the High School

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The Police Headquarters' pyrotechnicians did not find anything in the classrooms of the Livadia High School, where a bomb call was received in the morning.

As the press representative of the Larnaca Police Directorate, Spyros Chrysostomou, reported to KYPE, "shortly after 9 this morning, a phone call was received about a bomb at the Livadia High School. Immediately the intended protocol was applied and the students left their classes, while the School was visited by pyrotechnicians from the Police Headquarters".

He added that "the pyrotechnicians proceeded to check and search the classrooms of the School, while until 10.00 in the morning nothing was detected. However, it is expected that a reasonable period of time will pass in order for the students to return back to the classrooms and continue their lessons."

As Mr. Chrysostomou said, "the Police are making efforts to identify the owner of the phone from which the call was made to the Livadia High School".