Larnaca: Clash of minors in a hospitality center - Eight people were arrested

A police officer was attacked by a 17-year-old

silipsi Larnaca, Hotel unit

In the evening, members of the Police proceeded to the arrest of eight young people, who are accommodated in a hotel unit - accommodation center for unaccompanied minors, in Larnaca, during the repression of violent incidents that occurred at the accommodation center. During the incidents, one of the youths and a policeman, who was on duty at the reception center, were injured.

The incidents began shortly after 6.00:17 in the afternoon when a number of youths got involved in the reception center, while one of the youths, aged 17, attacked another. A member of the Police who was on duty at the reception center intervened and was attacked by the 17-year-old, as well as by other youths. Among them was a second youth, XNUMX years old, who attacked the police officer by punching him.

With the intervention of other members of the Police who rushed to the scene, the incidents were suppressed, while the policeman and the first 17-year-old were taken to the Larnaca General Hospital, where they received treatment and were discharged. This was followed by the arrest of the two 17-year-olds, pursuant to court warrants, for the purpose of investigating the case.

Around 11.00 in the evening, new episodes of violence broke out in the hospitality center, by a number of other young people, who attacked members of the Police, as well as the hotel manager.

With the new episodes of violence, two workers of the Social Welfare Services were trapped on a floor of the hospitality center. They were freed by the police, who with their new intervention suppressed the incidents, proceeding to arrest six young guests at the center, five of them aged 17, and the sixth aged 16.