"Deltacron in Cyprus": "Technical error" the "new mutation" - The Mayorkin post

A technical error in the analysis of the genome is due to the incorrect alarm for the new coronavirus strain that was allegedly detected in 25 cases in Cyprus

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False alarm for new strain due to technical error in genome analysis coronavirus reportedly located in 25 incidents in Cyprus.

The reason for the so-called mutation "DeltacronThat is, a mutation with a significant number of variants in Ομικρον with the genetic background of the Delta mutation.

The "technical error" is announced in a post on Facebook by the assistant professor of Virology at EKPA and member of the committee of experts Gikas Majorkinis.

"Regarding the Deltacron (mixing Delta and Omicron) of Cyprus that was heard a lot in the Greek media recently, the first independent analyzes show that this is a technical error of the laboratory in the process of reading the genome…", he writes on social media.